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Ving Tsun Article written by Zhongli Li

     I like watching modern action movies more than traditional martial arts movies, because the action movies seemed to be more realistic. I learned about Ving Tsun from the movie ‘Ip Man’. In addition, Ip man is Bruce Lee’s Sifu. The phrase "I want to fight ten" in that film, said by Ip Man, impressed me a lot.
     In the movie, it's explained that Ving Tsun is a close combat martial art. It hits fast and the punching frequency is high. It can attack and defend at the same time and is suitable for everyone. In the movie, Ip man teaches workers Ving Tsun to protect themselves. However, the film and reality are different. In reality, Ving Tsun is more practical.
     A few days ago, Min took us to a Ving Tsun club in Ottawa to experience the real Ving Tsun. The first feeling of Wing Chun is that its technique is efficient but not good-looking. For example, Ving Tsun doesn't have special preparation before fighting, it goes into the fight directly. The punches are straight, fast, and powerful without fancy movements. Furthermore, Ving Tsun is able to attack and defend at the same time. When a hand is punching, the other one must be defending. Two hands rotate like a chain and are switched freely. Ving Tsun movements have a minimum and maximum optimal distance from the body. It makes sure that both hands are flexible in all critical scenarios.
     When we watch the ‘Ip man’ movie, Ip man trains a lot with the wooden dummy. Sifu said the wooden dummy doesn't move, but in your imagination it demonstrates the enemy’s movements. This process is to train the mind and heart. Sifu also said in the Ip Man movie the actor hits a lot of short punches in a very short of time. However, in reality, we never fight light like that. Ving Tsun is more focused on the effect. If a person has been hit, that opponent would cease to be... It seems that, if hit three times, the opponent should go down.
     During this experience Min is only Chinese person in this club, the others are all Canadians and their uniforms are printed with Chinese characters. Before each class, they worship the general Guan. Most of my Chinese friends are still training Taekwondo though.
     It was a short class, but I have experienced a lot. Sifu explained a lot of the little details in each movement and also the idioms behind those movements. It makes it easier to understand the purpose of training. I want to thank Min for letting us have an interesting trip. I hope there will be more people to train Ving Tsun and to study China's traditional culture.