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Ving Tsun Articles written by Riu Liu

     Last weekend I went to Orleans with Min to experience the Wing Chun Chinese martial art. It is true that there is a Wing Chun club in Ottawa. I was also as surprised as you. It takes about 20 minutes to drive from home to Sifu’s house. There are no luxury decorations, Sifu has changed one of the rooms in his home to be a training space. It gives us the feeling that Sifu is a hermit who only focuses on his Kung Fu.
     Moreover, the training equipment is more than adequate. We have seen a wooden dummy that we've seen before in the film ‘IP Man’. Sifu is a Canadian who loves Chinese culture. He started Ving Tsun training 20 years ago and is now a professional martial artist. I had the honor to watch the training between him and his students.
     Ving Tsun is a fast, accurate, and powerful. It directly hits your target's weakness. It feels like Sifu is able to defend and attack at the same time. He is able to resolve his enemy’s attack and transfer his defending movement into an attack. Every single movement is deadly. In my opinion, when facing a Ving Tsun attack, the attacker’s hands are similar to two wolves, which attack and defend at the same time and cooperate very well. The attacking fists look like unstoppable rain drops. The target who suffers the Ving Tsun attack will spend a lot of energy. It doesn't matter how strong you are, eventually, you would be defeated.
     Sifu said that there is no martial art which is beyond any other and there are no undefeatable enemies. Kung Fu is about very hard training. Learning basic movements in Ving Tsun is entry level. As the level raises, one should train the sticky hands (chi sau) and play with the wooden dummy and the pole form. The final level is weapons.
     At each training step, the goal and focus are different. Some people may say training with the wooden dummy is useless because the dummy never moves. However, do not underestimate it. By training with the wooden dummy, we can imagine the target’s movements and intention. It trains our reaction and skills.
     I feel very pleased that Chinese martial arts is so popular in Canada. From Wing Chun, I see not only the sharp techniques, but also the mental state of the martial arts trainer. I give thanks to Min who gave us a fantastic Wing Chun experience. Also, I hope that more people could be interested in studying traditional Chinese culture. Our culture does not only give you the killing techniques, but also the peaceful Chinese philosophy.