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The Year of The Snake.

The year of the dragon is now over and true to its spirit, we saw great changes here. We opened the club, waded through the renovations and struck out with a new group of students.
We had a seminar, went to weddings and celebrated the news of growing families.

Last years focus was all about the new beginning, this one will be on steady progress and attention to detail, as the snake symbolically represents.

I will continue to focus on our core student base but I will be quietly running a few promotions (See below) to nudge up our student base.

Happy New Year to all of you,

Simo & Sifu.


New Student Internet Offer

We are accepting new students.

Train with us for a month and pay only for the shirt you will wear ($20).

Those students will learn from the first form ("Siu Lim Tao") and develop an understanding of Ving Tsun's basic principles.

In order to use this promotion you simply need mention you saw it online.

New students only please.

Reserve your place.