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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kung Fu?

The words "Kung Fu" technically mean any skill brought about by hard work, but practically it refers to the 400 or so styles of martial arts that were developed in China. It is not invented, it is handed down, when selecting a Kung Fu ALWAYS trace the lineage of the teacher.

Why do you spell "Wing Chun" as "Ving Tsun"?

Ving Tsun is the "older" spelling of Wing Chun, it denotes that we come from the more traditional Moy Yat Lineage. The pronunciation is the same, though not as well marketed ;)

What do you mean by traditional?

Simply put we teach the system as it was laid out by our grand master and we follow a "traditional" system of etiquette, which among other things solves common problems that arise in martial arts clubs. We are disinterested in "martial fads" our focus is on the roots of our system and the wisdom within it to bring about a "Kung Fu Life".

Do I need Prior Martial Arts training ?

No, alot of people come to Ving Tsun after spending years in other styles but it is not required.

Do you teach children?

As a rule, no. Classes are 2 hours long and the system requires alot of repeatition. Children generally dont have the attention span, maturity or the long term interest required to internalise the system. As a rule we accept students over 14 years of age.

How often should I train?

My Si Hing (Older Kung Fu Brother) once summed it like this (I'll paraphrase for him any inaccuracy is mine): "Say your destination is across a large field of tall grass. The first time across you make a path. Coming back immediately is easier because you simply follow the path already laid out. If you wait too long between journeys you will have to find your way from scratch." So, how long would it take for these metaphorical weeds to grow on your path to hinder your progress?

How does grading work?

Well, there is a tough answer here. If you are not ready, you won't be graded, Sifu WILL NOT promote anyone who is not ready. If you are ready, you will be approached asked to prepare for the test.
It's not a kung fu fortune cookie parable about patience, we just don't like people wearing sashes they don't deserve and neither should they.