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Biu Lee "Shooting Fingers"

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In my experience this is the most misunderstood form in the system. Some believe it contains movements so dangerous that to use them would instantly kill your opponent and their whole family ;).

This is not how we view this form. Once again understanding a form in Ving Tsun you must take the others into account.

In Siu Lim Tao you have learn proper position, structure, how to throw power and technique. Then you learn in Chum Kiu how to do this while moving and dealing with another person. What’s left? We should be done right? Not quite.

The question now becomes, what happens when things go wrong? When you lose position, misstep or have your “structure” compromised. Essentially Biu Jee covers the "Emergency Techniques” used to recapture what we would call optimal position. This form concludes the three hand forms.

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